Helpful Numbers

Birth Planner

Shannon’s Birth Planner is here to assist you throughout your pregnancy journey—from your first visit to postpartum care.
(325) 481-2359

Labor and Delivery

Shannon’s Labor & Delivery Unit includes triage, delivery suites as well as our surgical suites for Cesarean births.
(325) 481-6213

Special Care Nursery

Shannon’s Special Care Nursery is equipped with highly-skilled staff and state-of-the-art-equipment to care for even the most complex preterm infants .
(325) 481-6253

Postpartum (Women’s Health Unit)

The Texas Department of State Health Services designated Shannon Medical Center as a Level II Neonatal Facility (Special Care Nursery) in Perinatal Care Region-K.
(325) 481-6325


We encourage all expecting mothers to pre-register at 30 weeks for your upcoming delivery.
(325) 481-6141

Lactation Consultant

Shannon provides lactation consultation services 24 hours a day.
(325) 481-6326

Shannon Babies Educator

Our Shannon Babies Educator provides a variety of classes for expecting parents as well as tours and consultations for special needs.
(325) 481-6332

Registration for Shannon Babies Classes

Register for our on-site classes.
(325) 481-2359

Shannon Clinic OB/GYN

Shannon’s OB/GYN providers provide personalized care throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Call to find or provider or make an appointment.
(325) 481-2285

Shannon Clinic Pediatrics

Shannon’s pediatric providers care for your baby from delivery to adulthood. Call to find or provider or make an appointment.
(325) 481-2287

Tom Green County Courthouse (for birth certificates)

Copies of birth certificates can be obtained by contacting the Courthouse.
(325) 659-6556